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I've always liked to draw and design things.

So, going to school to study graphic design sounded like a plan. I had excelled in my studies and graduated with honors. But little did I know,

the job market was shit then.

I was too proud to work a regular job at a fast food place or retail store. So, in debt up to my eyeballs from student loans, I became a slave to the freelance world. My "office" was the school computer labs for a few years. It was there that I honed my skills. Practicing every day, taking any job that came my way and busting my ass until the staff kicked me out at the end of every night.

My persistence finally paid off. I landed a decent job in my field of study. It pays the bills and keeps food on the table, but working on the same generic assignments every day lacks creative stimulus. I didn't have to put in any effort. I craved the grinding sensation I had back in school.

So to keep myself sane, Ruthless Designs was born. 

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